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The BBot is a advanced client modification for Tibia, featuring many tools to enchance your playing experience.

Supported Tibia versions: 8.5 8.52 8.53 8.54 8.55 8.56 8.57 8.60 8.61 8.62 8.70 8.71 8.72 8.73 8.74 9.00 9.10 9.20 9.31 9.40 9.41 9.42 9.43 9.44 9.45 9.46 9.50 9.51 9.52 9.53 9.54 9.6 9.61 9.62 9.63 9.70 9.71 9.80 9.81 9.82 9.83 9.84 9.85 9.86 9.90 9.91 9.92 9.93 9.94 10.00 10.01 10.02 10.10 10.11 10.12 10.13 10.20 10.21 P10.21 10.22 10.30 10.31 10.32 10.33 10.34 10.35 10.36 10.37 10.38 10.39 10.40 10.41 P10.41 10.50 P10.50 10.51 P10.5110.52 P10.52 10.53 P10.53 10.54 10.55 10.56 10.57 10.58 10.59 10.60 10.61 10.62 10.63 10.64 10.70 10.71 10.72 10.73 10.74 10.75 10.76 10.77 10.78 10.79 T10.81 10.80 10.81 10.82 10.90 10.91 10.9210.93 10.94 10.95 10.96 10.97 10.98 10.99 10 10v2 10v3 10v4 10v5 10v6
Tibia 11.0 and Tibia 10.00 with BattlEye wont be supported!

BBot goes open source

Posted on 17/09/2022
Thanks for everyone who has been part of the community!
We will continue on Telegram:
And on our new Github:
With BBot going open-source, it means anyone can fork, modify and help it to improve, fix bugs and add new features!
See you in the new channels!
Thanks again,
Mega / Fernando B.

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BBot 87.0

Posted on 22/08/2021
Hello, great news!
We have moved our website, forums and wiki out of the previous hosting that caused several issues within our forums and login system. This was huge, we also updated all our systems from PHP4 to PHP8� (yes, we were very outdated!) and now using Docker within K8s. Thanks so much Silvio for helping us with the encryption and dockerization of the website.
Version 87.0
* menu rendering
* faster looter and open corpses
* restore API, login and error tracking
* issues trading IDs >32000 (we used signed INT, now items must be UINT)
+ telegram link
+ support for bbot.customitems.txt (see example in the 7z file)
+ debug link to enter debug tools
+ [macro] Dash.Start and Dash.Stop to start and stop dashing
+ [macro] When.Msg will register Message.Author.Channel
Join our Telegram group!!

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Tasks 2021 - Lets improve BBot

Posted on 15/05/2021
Do you feel BBot needs to improve in any way? Let us know.
And join us at official BBot Telegram group:
List of things to improve: (I will update daily)

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Forums under maintenance - 01/05/2021

Posted on 01/05/2021
Hello everyone,
We are upgrading the forums and moving to a better server, it will be unavailable during today and should be available again at 02/05/2021.
Best regards,

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Thank you, let's go into a new adventure

Posted on 27/04/2021
Hello BBot users!
BBot just became FREE! I would like to thank to every BBot user during the almost 15 years of it existence, many of you loyal, many of you who deserve better service! BBot will improve, in few months, we will have another developer and it will continue FREE! BBot was always run basically by me alone, with the help of our moderators.
Unfortunately I usually don't have enough time to care BBot, not the time it deserves. I learned so much skills, grow. BBot was a huge part of my life, but I feel it's time to move forward. We plan to improve the community and open the source, we want to keep BBot alive!
Thank you so much for all the learning experience!
Come to our Telegram and chat with us!

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BBot website issues 14/01/2020

Posted on 14/01/2021
Our website has been passing through some software updates and unfortunately some SSL certificates broken our HTTPs domains.
Update 1:
The main BBot database was not migrated, which is causing all accounts to not login.
I'm restoring the issue and soon will be sorted.
Update 2:
The Login Sever was set to allow all logins, feel free to enjoy BBot.
We will keep working on the Website issues.
Update 3:
Everything looks to be working as normal, it took far longer than we expected, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Error 3011001:
This happen when your ISP provider can't yet find We are working hard to make everything up again,

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